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Biologicals are part of a rapidly growing agriculture input segment that utilize naturally occurring microorganisms or fungi, plant extracts, amino-acids growth hormones or other organic material to fix nitrogen, increase nutrient availability, improve root development, suppress disease or pest, mitigate abiotic stress or feed beneficial soil microbes.

Various Biologicals can be applied as a seed treatment, by the grower in the planter box, in the seed furrow, sprayed on the plant or directly to the soil.


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About half of the synthetic nitrogen applied to crops never reaches the plant. It volatilizes, leaches or is washed away with the rain. Pivot Bio PROVEN® 40 adheres to the root of the corn plant, applying nitrogen every day during the critical growth stages. Pivot Bio PROVEN®40 is a more predictable, more productive form of nitrogen.

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TerraMax makes products providing nitrogen and nutrients to your crops simple and natural. Our lines of Azospirillum-based and rhizobia-based products, and our additional microbial products help your plant’s root systems effectively pull nitrogen from the air and access nutrients from the soil to promote plant growth, providing you with higher crop yields, more robust root systems and healthier plants.

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New Leaf Symbiotics has zeroed in on a single class of ag biologicals with massive potential. Pink-pigmented facultative methylotrophs-or PPFMs-are naturally occurring microbes capable of delivering powerful benefits at zero energy cost to the plant.

They currently market their microbes under the Terrasym® brand. Resor Seeds does not deal directly with New Leaf Symbiotics but is a dealer for Meristem Crop Performance who distributes Terrasym as part of a unique planter box seed fluency and biological delivery system called Revline™Hopper Throttle™ powered by Terrasym.

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We create real economic value by helping farmers and independent agribusinesses make the most of their infrastructure and intellectual property investments by removing waste in the crop input distribution channel.

We at Resor Seeds are most excited about their patented Bio-Capsule™ technology, a patent-pending planter box delivery system that safely deliveries multiple biologicals to the furrow on the seed with talc/graphite, and micronutrients.