Seed Quality

Resor Seeds is not just a local dealer; we are a local seed company. We treat every bag of seed like we own it, because we do own it!

That’s why we strive to get returned corn back to our own cold storage in Chillicothe as soon as possible. Most seed returns from customers are placed in our cold storage by late May before the weather turns hot.

All Corn is tagged at 95% warm germination which is not a difficult standard to meet. We are willing to share actual warm and cold germs, by hybrid and lot number in addition to grade and seed count as soon is the seed is conditioned. The cold germ scores could be very important to those planting in early April in our area.

Our customers can access pricing, discount, quality and seed lot information for corn and soybeans by using the customer portal on this website. Our seed testing is done by Illinois Crop Improvement Association.