Comparing soybean treatments between seed companies can be difficult. There are differences in disease and insect severity by field, region and season, there is also differences in tolerance by soybean variety. We have contracted extensive testing of various fungicides, insecticides, inoculants, sudden death syndrome (SDS) solutions and nutritional products in our region since 2017 and have found a basic fungicide seed treatment (FST) to provide the best return on investment.

Fungicide seed treatments are cheap and effective protection against Fursarium, Rhizoctonia, Pythium, and Phytophthora. It is common to use a blend of active ingredients to provide protection against these 4 diseases. We have been using a blend of Thiabendazole, Anchor, Azoxystrobin, and T-Methyl that is marketed as AZO by Unified Ag solutions.

Our custom seed treating options and pricing for 2024 is set and can be found on our customer portal. Our customer portal also contains summaries of past independent research that Resor Seeds has contracted.

For growers curious about the benefits and economics of treating their own seed, I would love to visit with you about this system. Obviously we treat a significant amount of seed, but this system below has paid for itself 9 times in 3 years with zero downtime and no significant repairs so far. It works!

Learn about Box-to-Box Seed Treaters

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Custom Seed Treatment by Resor Seeds

Treatment Cost in Season Order by 10/31
Fungicide Seed Treatment (F) TBA* TBA
Fungicide + Insecticide (FI) TBA TBA
Saltro™ for Sudden Death Syndrome (+S) TBA TBA
Maximize™ inoculant (+M) TBA TBA

*Our seed treatment pricing will be announced on September 15th.