Corn Hybrids

Our independence is an advantage!

Like Resor Seeds, The ProHarvest Brand is family owned and independent. Selecting corn hybrids for a specific area is where successful independent companies excel against their national competitors.

Each year we work with the Agronomist at ProHarvest and representatives from multiple trait and genetic companies to determine which dozen or so hybrids from literally hundreds of choices deserve to be tested against the Elite ProHarvest Hybrids sold by Resor Seeds. We use contract research plots, small grower test, and many hours of observations in North Missouri locations to select 3-6 new hybrids to be compared by our customers to their current favorites.

The hybrids below are available for planting in 2024 and are classified according to their status in North Missouri.

  • Elite

    These are the best hybrids for the area, beating the proven hybrids in multiple years testing and should be the majority of your acres.

  • Proven

    Generally older hybrids that have been customer favorites, but are getting beat, in yield, agronomics, or other characteristics by Elite hybrids. Proven hybrids are sold at a lower price and inventory is not replaced when the hybrid is sold out.

  • New

    Limited supply hybrids that excelled in genetic supplier or our small plot testing but have not been widely planted under whole field conditions by customers in our area. If the new hybrids excel in 2024 they will become elite hybrids in 2025 and Resor Seeds will ramp up supplies for future years.

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6872107 Day
  • Very good early vigor
  • Very good greensnap rating
  • Plant early, harvest early
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77P19 108 Day
  • Recommended for lower populations
  • Very good test weight and grain quality
  • Strong Stalks
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78P70108 Day
  • Early maturity NonGMO
  • Very good green snap rating
  • Excellent root strength
6893 109 Day
  • More yield than 6872
  • Excellent drought tolerance
  • Viptera for maximum above ground control
81P65111 Day
  • Great late season intactness
  • Excellent Tar Spot Rating
  • Available as Non-GMO
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82P62 111 Day
  • Exceptional dry down
  • Excellent Ear Flex
  • Place on variable soil types
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8360 113 Day
  • Best on highly productive soils
  • 2020 Missouri NCGA Irrigated Yield Champion
  • Now available in NonGMO
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83W13 114 Day
  • Waxy hybrid for IngredionTM contracts
  • Limited supply for 2024
  • Closely related to ProHarvest 8360
84P32 114 Day
  • Widely adapted
  • Very good Goss’s wilt
  • Very large kernels
Trecepta logo
84P78114 Day
  • Excellent disease ratings
  • Strong on Goss’s Wilt
  • Excellent companion to 8360
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8522 115 Day
  • Consistent performance since 2016
  • Yield, stalks, roots, greensnap, disease
  • True five tool hybrid, economy priced
85P67 115 Day
  • Also available as Non-GMO
  • Top Yielding Non-GMO in 2022 testing
  • Outstanding ear flex
85P34 115 Day
  • Excellent Green Snap ratings
  • Top agronomics and disease ratings
  • Handles variable soils
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86P23 116 Day
  • Unbeatable grain quality and test weight
  • Agronomics suitable to harvest after soybeans
  • Excellent stalk strength